1. Apache Relay::The Portraits

  2. The bar they call No. 308. 

  3. Dominique Crenn at POP. 

  4. Rayland Baxter: 2013//2014

  5. Pretty cool stuff guys: Native did a spread on my signage project. Check it out in the August issue. 

    Or online here: http://native.is/other/contributor-spotlight-august-2014/

  6. These women. I mean, damn!

  7. Emily West. Her voice will make you cry. It will even give you chills on a 90 degree day in Nashville. No joke. 

  8. Old Crow Medicine Show: The Band

    These were shot for the album Remedy, which releases today. 

  9. Old Crow Medicine Show: Portraits


    (Happy Birthday, LG!)