1. These women. I mean, damn!

  2. Emily West. Her voice will make you cry. It will even give you chills on a 90 degree day in Nashville. No joke. 

  3. Old Crow Medicine Show: The Band

    These were shot for the album Remedy, which releases today. 

  4. Old Crow Medicine Show: Portraits


    (Happy Birthday, LG!)

  6. Sweet Tea at The Farm House, Nashville. 

    Shot for Imbibe Magazine. 

  7. Ester and Lester. My Grandparents. 

  8. Happy Father’s Day.

    There are not words for what you mean to me, Dad. I love you. Thank You. 

  9. Philip Krajeck//Rolf and Daughters

  10. Ann//Erin//Amanda//Me

    These are some of the first images I made with a 4x5 camera. Time to go back to this format methinks…